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Q: Which channels are on both Freeview and Freesat?

A: Both free services have a common set of core channels, including the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 families (INCLUDING HD CHANNELS), Russia Today, Al Jazeera English, several shopping channels and many radio stations. Freeview’s line-up does vary in Wales, Ireland and Scotland,where regional services replace some national ones.


Q: Which channels are exclusive to Freeview?

A: Freeview hosts several channels which are not on Freesat, including Yesterday, Dave, Viva, 5* and 5 USA, Quest, SKY News and some radio channels.

Q: Why can't I get all Freeview channels?

A: Most of the country receives Freeview from main transmitters whichbroadcast the full 40-ish TV channels. Some areas can only receive relay transmitters which broadcast just 15 channels, including Freeview HD.

Q: Can I get BBC iPlayers and other internet catch-up services?

A: All Freeview HD equipment must be capable of providing iPlayer. We expect that many will do so, and that it will be followed by ITV Player and other services.


Q: Which channels are exclusive to Freesat?

A: There are more than 50 free channels not available on Freeview,including CBS’s Drama, Reality and Action channels, the Horror Channel, BET, True Entertainment, NHK World TV (also in HD) True Movies, Movies4Men, Food Network and Vintage TV plus many radio channels.

Q: Can I fit Freesat myself or use a SKY dish?

A: Freesat dishes are identical to those used by SKY, and are a fairly simpleself-install. If you have an existing Sky dish, or a Sky dish with a QuadLNB and unused outputs, you can use this.

Q: Can I watch BBC iPlayer and other internet TV on my Freesat receiver?

A: All Freesat HD receivers and most TVs can provide iPlayer if you plug them into your broadband router. ITV Player is being tested ahead of awider launch in late 2011. Some Freesat products and TVs also have their own online video and other services from the manufacturer.

Q: Can I watch non-Freesat channels on a Freesat receiver?

All Freesat receivers have a non-`Freesat mode`, which lets you tune in channels that aren’t in the Freesat EPG. The capabilities of this mode vary between manufacturers, and you may not be able to record non-Freesat channels or use DiSEqC switching.


Q: How much does Sky cost?

Sky subscriptions are built from channel packages of about 20 channels, Variety, Children’s, Knowledge, Style & Culture, Music and News & Events. The first package costs £19.50 pm , plus £1 pm for each additional package. Five Sky Sports channels cost add £20.25 pm andthe 12 Sky Movie channels add £16 pm. Sky World combines everythingfor £52 pm including 3D.  A 320GB Sky+HD box costs £49 plus £30 installation; a 1TB Sky+HD box costs £249.

Q: What’s Sky’s HD offer?

A: The Freesat HD channels and Channel 5 HD are free, and £10.25 pm gives access to up 50 HD channels based on your subscription.

Q: Can I get broadband and phone?

A: Up to 20Mbit/s costs £5 pm or £12.50 pm with unlimited usage. Phone package Sky Talk Freetime is free, Talk unlimited costs £12.50 pm with£11.25 pm line rental.

Q: Is there anything on-demand?

A: Sky Anytime downloads a selection of TV and films to your hard disc. Broadband subscribers get a much larger choice from Sky Anytime+.


YouView has an extraordinary ScrollBack guide. With on demand, search and record you’ll always find something to match your mood.

  • No Subscription
  • Requires Broadband

BT Vision

Q: How do you get BT Vision?

A: It is a hybrid service, combining Freeview from your TV aerial with film
and TV over your BT Broadand connection.

Q: What does it cost?

A: You have a BT Broadband, starting at £13 pm plus £10 pm line rental.
Bundled offers start at £18 pm plus line rental, £60 for the BT Vision+ PVR abd £30 activation fee. BT’s cheapest option is pay-as-you-go which costs £90 for the Vision+PVR , plus activation. The PVR is free with the £12.50 pm Gold Option. Sky Sports 1 and 2 cost from £7.20 pm each on top of £17.40 pm for both, depending on your broadband, phone and TV package. There are both HD and 3D films on BT Vision’s on-demand service.

Q: Is there anything on-demand?

A: BT Vision has pay-as-you-go access, from 50p per show. The £12.50 pm Gold package includes all BT Vision’s TV, catch-up, non-premium films, children’s non-Sky sports, and music.


Q: What does it cost?

A:The £30 standard-definition Top Up TV T215 box is the cheapest, but the i-CAN Freeview HD box will also get you the four - Freeview HD channels and BBC iPlayer for £130. Sky Sports 1 and 2 cost £20 pm each, ESPN costs £10 pm. Top-Up TV’s downloadable highlights package is no longer available to new customers.